All Computer Related Full Form

Dec 23, 2019 | Computer Training


All full forms for computer subjec

AC- Alternative Current

ALU- Arithmatic Logical Unit

CD ROM-Cpmpact Disk Read Only Memory

CMOS- Complementory Metal Oxide Semi Conductor

BIOS- Basic Input Output System

BIT- Binary Digit

BCD- Binary Coded Decimal

CD-Compact Disk

CPU- Central Processing Unit

CRT-Cathode Ray Tube

FDD- Floppy Disk Drive

IP- Internet Protocol

HTML- Hyper Text Markup Language

IC-Integrated Circuit

ICT-Information & Communication Technology

ISP- Internet Service Provider

RAM- Random Access Memory

ROM- Read Only Memory

USB- Universal Serial Buss

DVD-Digital Versatile Disk

DBMS- Data Base Management System

RDBMS- Relation Data Base Management System

SQL- Stractured Quary Language

TCP-Transmission Control Protocol

BOS- Basic Operating System

DOS- Dick Operating System

OMR- Optical Mark Reader

OCR- Optical Character Reader

OLE- Object Linking and Embedding

BIOS- Basic Input Output System

DAV-Digital Audio Video

DOS-Disk Operating System

ECC-Error Correction Code

ENIAC- Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer

FAT-File Allocation Table

FDD-Floppy Disk Drive

FIFO-First In First Out

GB-Giga Byte

HDD-Hard Disk Drive

LAN- Local Area Network

LED-Light Emitting Diode

HTML-Hyper Text Markup Language

HTTP- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

I/O-Input Output

KB-Kilo Byte

KBPS-Kilo Byte Per Second

LAN-Local Area Network

MAN-Metropolitan Area Network

WAN- Wide Area Network

LCD-Liquid Crystal Display

LIFO-Last In Fast Out

MB-Mega Byte


NASA- National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NIC- Network Interface Card

UPS-Uninterruptible Power Supply

VDO-Visual Display Output

VGA-Video Graphics Array

VIRUS-Vital Information  Resources Under Seize

1 KHz-1,000 Hz

1 MHz-1,000 KHz

WWW- World Wide Web

1 GHz-1,000 MHz

1 THz-1,000 GHz

MP3- MPEG player lll

3GPP- 3rd Generation Partnership Project

 3GP- 3rd Generation Project

 MP4- MPEG-4 video file

 SIM- Subscriber Identity Module

 WiFi-Wireless Fidelity

ATM-Automated Teller Machine

BCA- Bachelor of Computer Applications

BBA- Bachelor of Business Administration

BPO-Business Process Outsourcing

CCTV-Closed Circuit Television

CDMA-Code Division Multiple Access

FYI-For Your Information

GOOGLE-Global Organization of Oriented Group

Language of Earth

GSM-Global System for Mobile communication

JPG/JPEG-Joint Photographic Experts Group

MMS-Multimedia Messaging Service

RIP-Routing Information Protocol

SEO-Search Engine Optimization

XML-eXtensible Markup Language

XMPP-Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol


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