Country Abbreviation with World Wide Flag

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Country Abbreviation with World Wide Flag


CH China 1,433,783,686 Eastern Asia
IN India 1,366,417,754 southern Asia
ID Indonesia 270,625,568 South-Eastern Asia
PK Pakistan 216,565,318 southern Asia
BA Bangladesh 163,046,161 southern Asia
JA Japan 126,860,301 Eastern Asia
PH Philippines 108,116,615 South-Eastern Asia
VT Viatnam 96,462,106 South-Eastern Asia
TU Turkey 83.429,615 Western Asia
IR Iran 82,913,906 southern Asia
TH Thailand 69,625,582 South-Eastern Asia
MM Myanmar 54,045,420 South-Eastern Asia
SK South korea 51,225,308 Eastern Asia
IQ Iraq 39,309,783 Western Asia
AF Afghanistan 38,041,754 southern Asia
SB Saudi Arabia 34,268,528 Western Asia
UZ Uzbekistan 32,981,716 Central Asia
MA Malaysia 31,949,777 South-Eastern Asia
YE Yemen 29,161,922 Western Asia
NE Nepal 28,608,710 southern Asia
NK North korea 25,666,161 Eastern Asia
SR Sri lanka 21,323,733 southern Asia
KZ Kazakhstan 18,551,427 Central Asia
SY Syria 17,070,135 Western Asia
CM Cambodia 16,486,542 South-Eastern Asia
JO Jordan 10,101,694 Western Asia


AZ Azerbaijan 10,047,718 Western Asia
UA United Arab Emirates 9,770,529 Western Asia
TS Tajikistan 9,321,018 Central Asia
IS Israel 8,519,377 Western Asia
LA Leos 7,169,455 South-Eastern Asia
LE Lebanon 6,855,713 Western Asia
KY Krygyzstan 6,415,850 Central Asia
TK Turkmenistan 5,942,089 Central Asia
SG Singapore 5,804,337 South-Eastern Asia
SP State of palestine 4,981,420 Western Asia
OM Oman 4,974,986 Western Asia
KU Kuwait 4,207,083 Western Asia
GE Georgia 3,996,765 Western Asia
MO Mongolia 3,225,167 Eastern Asia
AM Armenia 2,957,731 Western Asia
QA Qatar 2,832,067 Western Asia
BI Bahrain 1,641,172 Western Asia
TL Timor-leste 1,293,119 South-Eastern Asia
CY CYprus 1,198,575 Western Asia
BH Bhutan 763,92 southern Asia
MV Maldives 530,953 southern Asia
BN Brunei 433,285 South-Eastern Asia

Dependencies  or  other territories

TERRITORY             POPULATION (2019            DEPENDENCY OFF

TW Taiwan 23,773,876 (China)
HK Hong kong 7,436,154 (China)
MO Macao 640,445 (China)



RU Russia 145,872,256 Eastern Europe
GE Germany 83,517,045 Western Europe
GB United kingdom 67,530,172 Northern Europe
FR France 65,129,728  Western Europe
IT Italy 60,550,075 Southern Europe
SP Spain 46,736,776 Southern Europe
UK Ukraine 43,993,,638 Eastern Europe
PO Poland 37,887,768 Eastern Europe
RO Romania 19,364,557 Eastern Europe
NL Netherlands 17,097,130 Western Europe
BE Belgium 11,539,328 Western Europe
CZ Czechia 10,689,209 Eastern Europe
GR Greece 10,473,455 Southern Europe
PG Portugal 10,226,187 Southern Europe
SW Sweden 10,036,379 Northern Europe
HU Hungary 9,684,679 Eastern Europe
BL Belarus 9,452,411 Eastern Europe
AS Austria 8,955,102 Western Europe
SE Serbia 8,772,235 Southern Europe
SZ SWitzerland 8,591,365 Western Europe
BU Bulgaria 7,000,119 Eastern Europe
DE Denmark 5,771,876 Northern Europe
FI Finland 5,532,156 Northern Europe
SV Slovakia 5,457,013 Eastern Europe
NO Norway 5,378,857 Northern Europe
IR Ireland 4,882,495 Northern Europe
CR Croatia 4,130,304 Southern Europe
MD Moldova 4,043,263 Eastern Europe
BH Bosnia and Herzegovina 3,301,000 Southern Europe
AL Albania 2,880,917 Southern Europe
LI Lithuania 2,759,627 Northern Europe
NM North Mecedonia 2,083,459 Southern Europe
SI Slovenia 2,078,654 Southern Europe
LV Latvia 1,906,743 Northern Europe
ES Estonia 1,325,648 Northern Europe
MN Montenegro 627,987 Southern Europe
LU Luxembourg 615,729 Western Europe
ML Malta 440,372 Southern Europe
IC Iceland 339,031 Northern Europe
AN Andorra 77,142 Southern Europe
MC Monaca 38,964 Western Europe
SM san Marino 33,860 Southern Europe
VA Holy see 799 Southern Europe


Dependencies  or  other territories


CI Channel  Iseland 172,259 U.K
IM Isle of man 84,584 U.K
FI Foeroe Island 48,678 Denmark
GB Gibraltar 33,701 U.K

Africa country list

 NI  Nigeria  200,963,599  Western Africa
 ET  Ethiopia  112,078,730  Eastern Africa
 EG   Egypt  100,388,073  Northern Africa
 DC  DR Congo  86,790,567  Middle  Africa 
 SA  South Africa   58,558,570  Southern Africa 
 TA  Tanzania  58,005,463  Eastern Africa
 KY  Kenya  52,573,973  Eastern Africa
 UG  Uganda  44,269,594  Eastern Africa
 AL  Algeria  43,053,54  Northern Africa
  SU  Sudan  42,813,238  Northern Africa
 MR  Morocco  36,471,769  Northern Africa
 AN  Angola  31,825,295  Middle  Africa 
 GH  Ghana  30,417,856  Western Africa
 MZ  Mozambique  30,366,036  Eastern Africa
 MD  Madagascar  26,969,307  Eastern Africa
 CR  Comeroon  25,876,380  Middle  Africa 
 CD  Cote D’Lvoire  25,716,544  Western Africa
 NG  Niger  23,310,715  Western Africa
 BF  Burkina Faso  20,321,378  Western Africa
 ML  Mali  19,658,031  Western Africa
 MW  Malawi  18,628,747  Eastern Africa
 ZM  Zambia  17,861,030  Eastern Africa
 SN  Senegal  16,296,364  Western Africa
  CD  Chad  15,946,876  Middle  Africa 
 SO  Somalia  15,442,905  Eastern Africa
 ZI  zimbabwe  14,645,468  Eastern Africa
 GU  Guiniea  12,771,246  Western Africa
 RW  Rwanda  12,626,950  Eastern Africa
 BE  Benin  11,801,151  Western Africa
 TN  Tunisia  11,694,719  Northern Africa
 BR  Burundi  11,530,580  Eastern Africa
 SS  South sudan  11,062,113  Eastern Africa
 TO  Togo  8,082,366  Western Africa
 SL  Sierra leone  7,813,215  Western Africa
 LB  Libya  6,777,452  Northern Africa
 CG  Congo  5,380,508  Middle  Africa 
 LI  Liberia  4,937,374  Western Africa
 CA  Cantral african republic  4,745,185  Middle  Africa 
 MU  Mauritania  4,525,696  Western Africa
 ER  Eritrea  3,497,117  Eastern Africa
 NM  Namibia  2,494,530  Southern Africa 
 GA  Gambia  2,347,706  Western Africa
 BT  Botswana  2,303,697  Southern Africa 
 GB  Gabon  2,172,579  Middle  Africa 
 LE  Lesotho  2,125,268  Southern Africa 
 GU  Guinea Bissau  1,920,922  Western Africa
 EG  Equatorial Guinea  1,355,986  Middle  Africa 
 MA  Mouritiaus  1,269,668  Eastern Africa
 EW  Eswatini  1,148,130  Southern Africa 
DJ  Djibouti 973,560  Eastern Africa
CM Comoros 850,886  Eastern Africa
CV   Cabo verde  549,935  Western Africa
 SP  Sao Tome & principe  215,056  Middle  Africa 
 SL  Seychelles  97,739  Eastern Africa


Dependencies  or  other territories


 RI  Reunion  888,927  France
 WS  Western sahara  582,463  Disputed
 MT  Mayotte  266,150  France
  SH  Saint Helena  6,059  U.K


Northern America country list

US United states 329,064,917   Northern America
CG Canada 37,411,047 Northern America

Dependencies  or  other territories

BM Bermuda 62,506 U.k
CG Greenland 56,672 Denmark
SM Saint pierre & Miquelon 5,822 France

       South  America country list

AR Argentina 40,482,489 South America
BO Bolivia 9,863,224 South America
BR Brazil 202,241,714 South America
CL Chile 16,928,873 South America
CO Colombia 46,920,257 South America
EC Ecuador 14,573,101 South America
GY Guyana 772,298 South America
PY Paraguay 6,831,306 South America
PE Peru 29,132,013 South America
SR Suriname 472,155 South America
UY Uruguay 3,477,780 South America
VE Venezuela 31,768,930 South America



AU Australia 24,255,949 Australia ( ocenia)
NZ New Zealand 4,727,459 Australia ( ocenia)
PG Papua New Guinea 7,321,589 Australia ( ocenia)


Antarctica country list

HD Hidalgo 20 Antarctica
CA Costa Azul 20 Antarctica
BR Breslin 20 Antarctica
VD Verde 20 Antarctica
ZM Zembla 20 Antarctica

Country details information, country abbreviation list and country flag model. Worlds is extremely diverse,with landscape ranging from snow-capped mountain ranges to deserts,plains,hills and plateaus. World wide comprises most of the World Continent




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